May 6, 2011

The Falls - The Best Sit-Down Lunch in Mount Washington

May 6, 2011
UPDATE:  As was reported in the North Baltimore Patch, The Falls has permanently closed.

Yesterday some coworkers took me out to lunch at The Falls in Mount Washington.  And although all of team Bob Ganoosh was not there, I thought my experience was worth mentioning here on the blog.

The restaurant was surprisingly more casual than its artistic logo and black cloth awning at the entrance imply.  The interior had more of a trendy café look (and smell), but also included a row of booths on the left hand side.  Our group, who is partial to booths, was pleased by this.

Most of us ordered burgers.  I ordered the B&B Burger, which is advertised on the menu to include “bleu cheese and balsamic marinated onions.  The burger was a respectable size, probably about one-third pound, and the meat tasted fresh.  The top of the burger was smothered with melted bleu cheese and a heaping pound of sweet caramelized onions, to the point where it became hard to pick up.  In fact, I ended up fork-and-knifing it at the end

Obviously, if you don’t like bleu cheese, I would recommend shying away from this burger.  But if you are a fan, as I am (at least in the context of a burger fixin), then this burger is a no brainer.  I ordered my burger medium rare, and it came out closer to medium or medium well, so I would advise being a little bit liberal with your doneness selection; but, it was not a deal breaker.

And the burger, which included an adequate portion of their homemade fries, was only $9 at lunchtime.  However, based on the menu posted on their website, it appears that dinner portions are a few bucks more.

We took deserts with us as a 3pm snack, which included a lemon cake, an orange cheesecake, and an Oreo pie.  While we were initially concerned whether we got our money’s worth, when we initially looked at the portions provided, we immediately conceded that they were worth every penny once we took the first bite.  Each desert was fresh, moist, and very rich, and exceeded our expectations.

It’s also worth noting that our server was friendly and the service was pretty quick.  In fact, we made it back to the office within an hour, including the 10 minute drive from the office to the restaurant.

Based on my experience, I strongly recommend The Falls as a North Baltimore lunchtime destination, particularly for anyone working in the Mount Washington/Bare Hills area.  They exceeded our expectations on all fronts.

The Falls
1604 Kelly Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

5-Star Rating
Food: ****
Service: ****
Ambiance: ***
Price: $$ ($9-20)

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