April 15, 2009

WTF??? This Food is Good!

April 15, 2009
NOTE: Please see the update to this article published 8/1/2011.

Today's post is long overdue, as it is of one of our favorite eateries and watering holes in Fell's Point - The Waterfront Hotel. Represented throughout the area by its ovular "WTF" stickers, the Waterfront is a restaurant/bar located in an historic rowhouse on Thames Street, right across from the old recreational pier. The building, built in the 1770's as a hotel for sailors and such (hence the restaurant's name), is one of the oldest buildings in Baltimore.

We originally started hanging out at their bar back in college (like 3 years ago or so). It was a little bit different back then - they have been making the place a little higher-scale over the past few years, although it was a pretty decent place to begin with. You may recognize the first-floor bar - it was where the bar scenes in Homicide: Life on the Streets were filmed. Their "pub grub" was always a little on the pricy side, since their menu is a little higher-scale, so we never really tried much of that. Although, the bucket of Old Bay Fries (if they still have it) is to die for.

For the dinner scene, the Waterfront has a quaint little 2nd-floor dining room, with windows that look out on the goings-on of Thames Street. The dining room is not large, and thus not promising for large party accomodations; however, usually when we go there (during the week) the dining room is mostly empty. The ambiance is calm and quiet, and a nice place to go for a relaxing meal.

All of the food we have had there is enjoyable. Admittedly though, the prices are toward the higher end of what we like to pay for a casual meal ($15-25). So, we would recommend going during the week, during most of which they offer dinner specials from 6-10PM. These include the "12 for 12" Tuesdays - 12 items (normal priced around $20) are discounted to $12; and the Wednesday Steak Night, where they offer a nice steak, dressed one of several different ways with mashed potatoes and veggies, for $15.

Last night, we took advantage of the "12 for 12" special. Shawn tried the Lobseter Ravioli and I had the Fettucine dinner. The Lobster Ravioli was served under some kind of red sauce, which had a little bit of a tangy kick to it (not too much though). I believe there were peppers in the sauce too. Shawn loved it. The Fettucine included breaded chicken, stuffed with prociutto ham, laid across a plate of fettucine tossed in a mustardy cream sauce. The mustard sauce was different - not what I had expected - but overall it was tasty and very unique (as well as filling).

Shawn and I each got a salad too, which we thought was included but apparently was not. But the salad was very nice, wish a wide assortment of crisp leaves and such. If you like lots of dressing though, you might want to ask for extra on the side.

In short, the Bob Ganoosh team would like to officially give its seal of approval to an establishment that we have been fans of throughout the last few years. We deem this to be a great place for a nice quiet dinner, as long as you're not looking for dirt cheap. And if you're trying to avoid crowds, don't go on a Friday or Saturday night, as the bar crowd tends to be heavy at those times (obviously).

WTF - our only major suggestion: BRING BACK THE BUFFALO CHICKEN WRAP!!! It was our favorite!

The Waterfront Hotel

1710 Thames Street

Baltimore, MD 21231


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